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Monday, July 9, 2012

Chocolate Peanut butter Balls- 3 balls for 2 pts

Through pinterest I found this post on the blog Peace, Love, and Low Carb. Its for low-carb peanut butter balls. Calculating her recipe out they are 34 calories per ball (when making 25 balls out of one recipe).
Talking to my husband, we discussed the differences between thoughts on eating "healthy" On various diets, and how they conflict. And when I say "diet" I mean a lifestyle they choose to eat. Everyone has their definition of what is healthy. To my sister, she lives on an 'organic', 'sugar-free' and 'no artificial sweeteners diet. For her family it doesn't matter how high in calories something is, only that it is all natural and sugar-free. When you follow a low-calorie diet (like Weight Watchers) it can sometimes be in direct opposite goals with low-carb diet (ie Adkins). Sometimes they can be perfectly in line with the choices of food. There are items that are LOW calorie but HIGH carbs and other things that are LOW carbs but HIGH calories. A specific example of this is Heavy Whipping cream. It is HIGH in calorie but very low carb. I used evaporated milk instead. So after them making them, I am sure that it would make up just fine using whatever milk you have. (have since used milk and YES it works just fine)

In this recipe she uses an Adkin's pre-made milkshake as the milk. Its a low carb milk. It is more calories than 'normal' milks, but less than her suggested option of heavy whipping cream. I knew that heavy whipping cream was used instead of milk because it is lower in carbs, but I wasn't sure if this recipe really needs the whipping cream. Using heavy cream 66 calories each.
What you need:
4 oz. Low-fat Cream Cheese
8 oz. of some sort of milk
1 box Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding (I used the small box)
4 TBS Peanut Butter (recommend chunky)

2 TBS chopped almonds
How to make it.
Mix cream cheese and milk of choice, in a large mixing bowl with a mixer on low speed until cream cheese is well blended and there are no chunks left. Add the packet of sugar free pudding and the peanut butter. Mix until well blended. It will become very thick. Line a plate/pan with wax paper. Scoop mixture little balls (I used a one TBS scoop, flattening out each scoop and using a spoon to push it out of the tablespoon) and put them on the wax paper. Take a pinch of the chopped almonds and push them onto the top of the ball. Place them in the freezer to set. They need about an hour to set enough to eat. Once hardened place in an enclosed container.
In previous blogger said that she can make 50 balls out of batch. I barely got 25 balls. The blogger must have made them about 1 tsp size balls.

based on a serving size of 25 balls per batch
Here is the break down:
Using the Adkins shake
calories: 34, fat: 2.6, fiber: .5
using heavy cream
calories: 66.5, fat: 6, fiber: 0
using fat-free evaporated milk
calories: 36, fat: 2, fiber: 0
using fat-free milk
calories: 31, fat: 2, fiber: 0

Using milk (non-cream options) you can eat 3 for 2 points on the old systems. Also another good thing about them is eating 3 is way more than you're going to want to eat. By the third one you'll be done -they are that rich and filling. So the rest of them aren't going to call to you for the rest of the night.

NOTE: I have made these many times since and milk works just fine.

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