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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Butternut Squash-1point

I love Butternut Squash. I think that it taste great just the way it is or fixed up like sweet potatoes. Either way it does need butter.
How you make it:
Take you Squash cut it into chunks. Leave the skins on. You can make it one of three ways, the microwave, the oven, or a steamer.
Microwave- wrap piece in plastic wrap, cook the same as you would a potato (if you don't have a potato button  on your microwave, cook on high for about 2 minutes.)
Oven- place on pan skin down or put it into veggie medley mix. Cook for an hour.
Steamer- cook for about 20 minutes.
Once cooked the skins should peal right off, if they won't peal, then it should cut right off. The reason not to cut it off before is it is too hard don't waste your time.
To serve, mash or eat in chunks. Spray with spray butter. If you have the points add 1 teaspoon  per 1 cup of mashed sweet potato. I doesn't add a full point. but add a point to each 1 cup serving. 
I hope you enjoy Butternut Squash as much as I do.

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